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The Sec Wines Newsletter features wines that we're really excited to offer you.  These are wines worthy of a special feature due to their high quality to value ratio and just plain deliciousness.  Enjoy!

2013 Lapo Berti, Barolo, La Morra, Piedmont $39.99
New discovery: Lapo Berti is one of the nicest guys around. His family is from Selvapiana in Chianti Ruffina, but he’s worked in wineries all over the world (I actually worked a harvest with him at Cameron Winery in Oregon in the late 1990s). Lapo is now entrenched in his adopted home in Barolo where he makes very traditionally-styled Barolo in the commune of La Morra, home to some of the greatest wineries in the Barolo zone. From the epic 2013 vintage, this is Lapo’s second commercial release and is a combination of two prestigious vineyards in La Morra: Bricco Rocca and Fossati. This is classic traditional Barolo: big, tight, impeccably balanced and structured for the long haul. I can’t think of another Barolo under $50 this good. Only 25 cases imported into the U.S. - so jump on it now!

Special Price: $39.99 per bottle


Sake Junmai Sampler 6-Pack ~ Japan $145.00 (a $159.00 value)
I love sake - how has it taken me this long to offer a Sake Sampler Pack? If you already love sake, then take advantage of this great value. If you’re unfamiliar with sake, even better. This is your opportunity to learn about the “Junmai” category of sake - the sweet spot in the quality vs. price ratio of sake. Junmai refers to pure sake - pure in the sense that no additives (starches or sugars other than rice are added to the fermenting mixture) are used, and that no brewer's alcohol is added. Traditionally, Junmai must be made with rice with a “Seimai Buai" (degree of milling) of at least 70% which means that the rice has been polished so that no more than 70% of the original size of the grains remains. In other words, at least 30% of the outer portion of each rice grain has been ground away. Junmai often has a fuller, richer body and a higher-than-average acidity and the nose is often more prominent than other types of sake. These sakes are all delicious on their own, but are amazingly versatile at the table and go with a wide range of foods. Sake isn’t just for seafood. Vegetable stews, pork and chicken are great with sake as are many other non traditional Japanese foods. If you are new to sake, you can use this Sampler Pack for a sake tasting party, or open a couple at a time and taste and examine them, then come back to them later as they will last for weeks in the fridge. Each Sake Junmai Sampler Pack consists of one 720ml bottle of the following: (Notes by sake specialist Midori Nakazawa who helped me with this sampler) Izumi Fuji, Junmai, “Ancient Shrine” Shimane Prefecture Fuji Brewery was founded in 1939 in Izumo City of Shimane prefecture, where it is famous for Izumo Taisha, built in the 8th century. In its name, Izumo Fuji sake pays admirable tribute to both Izumo Taisha and Mt. Fuji. Kawatsuru Junmai, "Crane of Paradise” Kagawa Prefecture Ripe, juicy, bright type of Junmai. Known for its rice-driven style with elegant, rich texture, Kawatsuru pays respect to the crane that symbolizes longevity and good fortune. The brewery was founded in 1891. Fukucho Junmai, "Forgotten Fortune” Hiroshima Prefecture Bright, expressive, lingering flavor style of Junami. Made with rare Hattanso rice, which was revived by the brewer, Miho Imada. The rice gives so much flavors and the complexity. One of the kind. Miho is one of the leading female brewmaster in Japan. Yuho Kimoto Junmai, “Rhythm of the Centuries” Ishikawa Prefecture Complex with good supporting acidity. Made with an old school brewing method called Kimoto - takes 3 times longer to make the yeast starter than modern method. Seikyo Takehara Junmai, Mirror of Truth, Hiroshima Prefecture Soft, crisp and versatile style. Nakao Brewery was founded in 1871 in a costal town called Takehara in Hiroshima prefecture, managed by 6th generation of the family. Nakao's sake style is very clean to complement local cuisine that embraces local seafoods. Shimizu No Mai Nigori, “Pure Snow” Akita Prefecture Nigori refers to cloudy sake in Junmai - semi-dry, slightly cloudy, full-bodied with a hint of floral note. This is a very popular style of Sake in the U.S.

Special Price: $145.00 per bottle


2016 Jacob Martin, Chardonnay, Willamette Valley, OR $20.89
While it’s no secret to savvy wine consumers that Oregon’s Willamette Valley is home to some of the world’s best Pinot Noir, most people outside the region are not aware of how far Chardonnay has come over the last decade. The best Willamette Valley Chardonnays have much more in common with White Burgundy than California Chardonnay. The 2016 Jacob Martin, made by McKinlay winemaker Matt Kinne’s son, Jake, is a strong sophomore effort and is indeed reminiscent of a great Bourgogne Blanc. Grown in a “secret” high elevation vineyard in the foothills of the coast range framing the Willamette Valley’s western border along with some fruit from the McKinlay estate vineyard, this is 100% 108 clone Chardonnay planted in the 1980s - yeah, the good stuff. 30+ year old 108 clone Chardonnay is now in high demand since so much of it was grafted over to inferior Dijon clones in the 1990s. The Jacob Martin is beautifully balanced with great texture and a strong mineral core that plays very nicely against the delicious Chardonnay fruit notes. Delicious now, this wine will gain in complexity for several years. Get in on the ground floor.

Special Price: $20.89 per bottle


2015 Clos Guirouilh, Jurançon Sec, SW France $22.89
Geek Alert: This dry white wine stopped me dead in my tracks while tasting through a lineup of very good wines from much better know regions. Jurançon is a tiny appellation in Southwestern France and is one of those appellations wine geeks and sommeliers like to talk about, but nobody ever sees, much less drinks. Well, here it is! After tasting it initially, and going back to it after tasting through the rest of the line up, including some powerful red wines, the word “intense’ kept coming back to me. The nose is intense and the palate is really intense! Exotic aromas of bees wax, ripe nectarine, minerals and other stuff I can’t articulate segue to the luxurious palate filled with stone fruit, citrus, spices and a core of minerality cutting through the palate from start to finish. The full-bodied palate is rich and powerful and kept bright and lively by fresh acidity and delivers a level of complexity and persistence unusual to find in any wine, especially at this price level. Oh, it’s a blend of old vine (85’%) Gros Manseng and (15%) Petit Courbu from cool hillside vineyards in the Lasseube terroir. And, it’s freakin’ delicious! Limited

Special Price: $22.89 per bottle


2016 (Raul Perez) Castro Candaz, Ribeira Sacra, Finca El Curvado, Galicia, Spain $27.89
Castro Candaz is a new project from super star Raúl Pérez and Rodri Méndez of Do Ferreiro. The El Curvado is based on old vine Mencia with Alicante Bouschet,Pérez Domingo (Trousseau!) and Caiño grown on granite and slate in the Sil river valley. This complex red is fermented whole cluster, and given a 30-day maceration followed by a year of aging in large neural barrels and bottled unfined and unfiltered. Exotic aromas given lift by the whole cluster fermentation include wild strawberry, morcilla and Mexican chocolate with a saline side. The bight and lively palate is at once robust, and elegant with plummy fruit, spices, earth and hint of minerals. This medium-bodied red is both fascinating and a pleasure to drink. Yum!

Special Price: $27.89 per bottle


2017 Ch. Margui, Rosé, Coteaux Varois en Provence $19.89
This is the overwhelming favorite Southern French Rosé of the year, so far!  I can't get enough of this intensely aromatic, incredibly refreshing, food-friendly, super-fantastic, lip-smacking good dry Rosé.  The 2017 Margüi Rosé has incredible finesse and elegance for a Provençal Rosé.  Goes with everything, especially wine glasses.

Special Price: $19.89 per bottle



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